Why Is Trenchless Line Replacement Better than Normal Line Replacement?


Fear of a hefty price tag is one of the major reasons home and business owners put off dealing with plumbing repair. After spending hundreds of dollars on digging, materials and labor, people are left with the additional headache of restoring a property to normal after the plumbing repair is complete.

Traditional sewer repair and replacement involves digging a hole to access the faulty pipe, cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with new pipe. This is the tried-and-true method generations of plumbers have used. Unfortunately, this process is cumbersome, lengthy, and can create the need for extensive property repairs. However, technological advancements have led to a breakthrough solution for the plumbing industry: trenchless pipe repair.

The Trenchless Solution: A Closer Look

The first and most obvious benefit of trenchless sewer repair techniques is the relative lack of property damage they leave behind. This innovative process eliminates the need to dig through lawns and driveways and leaves the property virtually unaffected.   

In other words, trenchless solutions – also called cured-in-place piping – allow plumbers to replace underground sewer and drain pipe without major excavations. How is this possible?

During a trenchless sewer repair, the plumber will gradually insert a tube coated with epoxy resin into the old pipe. When these resins harden, they form a brand-new pipe within the existing pipeline. The pipe created through the trenchless method is both seamless and resistant to future damage. If that sounds too good to be true, read on to learn more about this option.

Trenchless Plumbing Saves Time and Money

With sewer problems, quick turnaround times are very important. Repair costs associated with a ruptured sewer line can add up fast when home and business owners neglect to treat the problem. When left untreated, even a minor sewer leak can lead to some serious issues like structural damage and sinkholes.

Compared with traditional sewer repair, trenchless sewer repair typically takes a fraction of the labor, time and money. Why?

Not only does a full excavation of a sewer line take a lot of time, it’s also costly, both during and after the repairs are complete. Trenchless repairs are more cost-effective because they don’t require the plumber to structurally modify the pipes. The new cured-in-place pipe is made of a high-quality material that is much less likely to require future repairs, which can save property owners even more money in the long run.

Trenchless Plumbing Is Environmentally Friendly

Trenchless plumbing methods are “greener” than conventional plumbing because they use less equipment and fuel. In addition to having a smaller carbon footprint, the lack of digging means fewer living things are disturbed in the process. They also reduce all the health risks associated with digging by preventing toxic substances from leaching into the groundwater.

Pittsburgh’s Trenchless Plumbing Authority

AK Pipe Lining Co. is focused on providing the highest-quality plumbing and pipe lining services to residential and commercial customers in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. As a trenchless lining specialist, they offer a true pulled-in-place liner that requires little space and can usually be installed within a one-day turnaround time. They offer a variety of trenchless plumbing services, and are proud to have many satisfied clients.

Their professionally trained and experienced staff have more than two decades of experience and are ready to fix any sewer or problem. AK Pipe Lining Co. takes great pride in creating customer satisfaction through quality and timely service.


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