Why Is Faucet Repair so Important?


Faucets are an integral part of every home. So when your faucets start leaking or show any signs of needing repairs, you ask your plumber “why is faucet repair so important?” RotoRooter Ventura suggests timely maintenance of faucets to avoid disrupting your daily routine.

Signs that faucets need repair

Faucet repair is an easy process if the problem is identified and corrected on time. Most of the time only one component of the faucet needs repair. Cleaning and repairing this component will solve the problem. Look out for the following repair signs:

Rusty Water

Faucets are likely to get corroded with time. If your faucets are corroded, this might affect the water in your taps. If you see rusty water coming out of your faucets, it’s best to call for help. Rust isn’t really dangerous for your health, but it poses a risk for the rest of your sewage system.

Low Water Pressure

If you observe the water pressure in your faucets has decreased, it is likely because of mineral deposits in your faucets. This can be repaired easily by removing some components of the faucets and giving it a thorough clean. Low pressure in your faucets could be because of other reasons. If only one faucet is affected, then it’s a problem with the faucet only. But if the water pressure has minimized in all faucets, the problem could be bigger than you anticipated.


A leak in the faucet is likely to occur due to normal wear and tear. Most often faucets leak under the handle or near the spout. Correcting a leak is a quite straight forward process. Replacing the o-ring will usually do the trick. However, if the problem still persists, it’s best to call your plumber.


A leaking faucet can result in molds near your faucet. If you notice mold growing on your faucets or a musty smell coming out of your faucets, it’s a telling sign of a repair.

Installation Problems

If you installed your faucet on your own or asked a friend for help, chances are that the faucet wasn’t installed properly. When this happens, you continue to have problems with the faucet. It could be leaking most of the time or the water pressure could be low. It could easily be both. If that’s the case, you may have to replace the entire faucet and get a professional to install a new one for you.

Why is faucet repair so important?

If your faucets are displaying any of the above-mentioned signs of needing repair, hire a plumber for repairs to avoid:


A leaking faucet wastes water. If your faucet is leaking, you’re wasting a precious life resource. It’s also adding unnecessary numbers in your utility bill.

Foundation Issues

A leaking faucet, if left unrepaired for a long period of time, can cause seepage in your walls and floors. This could potentially affect your home’s foundation.

Sewer Clogs

If you have a rusty faucet, it could impact your sewer pipes. Since rust grows quickly, it will clog up your pipes and drains. With time, the rust will spread to your sewer pipes and cause them to corrode. This would mean leaks and other problems in sewer pipes.


A leaky faucet can also cause mold in your faucet. This poses a health hazard for you and your family. Molds can cause skin problems and also breathing problems.

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