Why Is Backflow Prevention Important?


Backflow prevention is something that should be treated with utmost gravity. This is because a faulty backflow prevention system poses as much terror to public health as we may be shy to admit. The task of protecting drinking water from contamination is a serious one and should not be toyed with as the health of so many depend on it.

What Causes Backflow?

In a piping or plumbing system, backflow entails the reverse flow of water from its normal direction of flow. The occurrence of backflow can be as a result of a number of factors that lead to decrease in pressure in one part of a public water system.

These factors may include a drop in pressure in supply, also known as back syphoning due to city mainline break or leak. It can also be caused by operating devices like fire hydrant that demands much water or increasing pressure on irrigation system. Increased pressure in irrigation system can result from adding a pump or having the irrigation system at a higher elevation to the water supply.

How Possible Is The Occurrence Of Backflow?

It is highly possible for water in a private plumbing system to reverse into public water system and contaminate potable water supply to homes. Without adequate preventive measure, equipment and facilities such as swimming pool and irrigation systems can easily have their water flowing back into public water supply.

Why Is Backflow Prevention So Important?

Backflow has a great potential of contaminating public local water supply. It takes common sense to know that water from swimming pool will have a lot of substances that can pose health challenges if ever it is taken into the body.

In the case of irrigation water, there are so many contaminants that may be present in it such as fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides and a lot of other chemical and biological substances that might have been introduced by landscapers.

Without a functional and reliable backflow prevention mechanism in place, these substances will definitely find their way to public potable water and the harm they can cause are better imagined than experienced.

There are different regulations in different states to protect public water supply. It is therefore important that home-owners as well as landscapers prioritize safety and install and maintain backflow preventers.

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