Why Choose Miranda for Your Commercial Plumbing Needs?


When it comes to backed-up toilets and clogged drains, all plumbers are basically the same, right?

While it is true that all certified plumbers share the same foundational knowledge about pipe problems and how to fix them, there are key differences between plumbers who specialize in residential work and plumbers who have chosen to focus on commercial repairs. Due to the size, scope and variety of issues a commercial plumbing system can present, commercial plumbers face different challenges and must solve a wider range of problems.


A single-family residential home only has a small handful of daily users relying on basic amenities such as running water and flushing toilets. In a home with two toilets, a sewer backup is a relatively minor inconvenience – usually, residents can just use the other toilet until the plumber arrives to save the day.

In contrast, if a bathroom in a hospital or office building develops a problem, it can affect thousands of individuals who rely on plumbing, sometimes around the clock. That’s why commercial plumbing problems are often emergency situations requiring an immediate response.

Scope and Complexity

Most residential plumbing entails no more than two floors of plumbing. However, an apartment or office building usually has multiple stories, with sinks, toilets and other fixtures on each level.

The intricate nature of plumbing for a large building translates not only to more pipes and connections than residential plumbing, but also to a hugely increased demand for plumbing that residential systems don’t have to support. Water pressure also plays a larger role in buildings with multiple stories.

Variety of Problems

A residential plumbing company mainly handles the same type of routine tasks. The majority of residential plumbers’ work usually relates to a blocked drain or leaky pipe, or the occasional call for a water heater repair.

Commercial plumbing, on the other hand, faces a wider variety of issues due to its complexity. Not only do commercial plumbers need to be prepared for problems that might never pop up in residential settings, they also need to be familiar with a wider variety of codes and regulations.

Businesses have an obligation to keep their plumbing particularly clean, both for their employees and their customers. This is especially true for restaurants and hospitals, which must adhere to strict health regulations and safety standards for plumbing. Those rules create an entirely different set of plumbing needs that commercial plumbers need to be familiar with.

Not all plumbers have the same skills and expertise. Talk to plumbing companies to make sure they can offer the type of services you need, and that their technicians have the necessary training and experience to complete the repairs to your satisfaction.  

Outstanding Commercial Plumbing Service Since 1981

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioner Service Company has set the standard for excellence in commercial and residential plumbing repairs in South Florida for 36 years. With licensed and certified plumbing, air conditioning, electrical and leak detection and repair technicians, Miranda has thousands of satisfied customers in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach areas of South Florida. Count on Miranda for on-time service, up-front pricing and outstanding repair service.


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