When Is the Best Time to Winterize My Home?


One thing homeowners should do is always plan ahead. Being prepared for potential issues in your home can prevent further problems, and this is particularly the case when we are talking about the plumbing system in places where the weather can get very cold.

If you are planning to spend the winter away from home, you should winterize it. It is a simple process that can save you lots of problems and let you come back to a house with plumbing that works just as you left it. The last thing you want is to get back from your holiday trip and find your carpet soaking wet thanks to a burst pipe.

Winterize Your Home

If you have never heard the term “winterize” before, let us explain: it is a process that prepares the plumbing system and its components not to be affected by low temperature which can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze. Frozen water occupies a larger volume than in its liquid state, so if it is trapped inside a pipe, it will expand, bursting it and causing leaks.

When a home’s plumbing system is winterized, all the water is shut off and drained out. Flex lines can be disconnected from sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets, and the water heater and water softener are also usually drained.

A common mistake homeowners do is leaving the heat on while the homeowner is away and thinking that it is enough and no winterizing is needed. Sure, it might keep the pipes above freezing temperatures, but what will happen if the power goes off?

Winterizing a house might sound like a straightforward task, and you might be tempted to do it yourself. However, as with most plumbing jobs, it is always better to hire a professional. A professional will not only insulate the visible pipes but also search for any hidden ones, such as the ones in the crawl space under the home which will also need to be protected.

Best Time to Winterize Your Home

One common question homeowners ask is when is the best time to winterize my home? The answer is simple: before it is too late. It is much easier to insulate a pipe ahead of time than to have to replace one that bursts after freezing, so it is recommended to do this as soon as possible.

Fall is the perfect season to winterize the house. That’s around the end of September, so you will not be rushed to do start the winterizing process, and you can use this winterizing process also to have your plumbing system inspected and diagnosed; this can correct any issues you might not even be aware of before they develop into larger problems.

Once the cold days are over, Your chosen professional can help you de-winterize the house, making sure there are no leaks and that all the fixtures are connected and functioning as they should.

Do It On Time

The right plumbing professional will offer a free estimate and keep your indoor and outdoor plumbing in top shape. Avoid costly repairs and have a group of professionals take care of your home.

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