What Is So Special About Cured-In-Place Pipe?


So, you are looking into getting some major plumbing work done but trying to avoid the major headache that could potentially come along with it. We get it. It’s a stressful thing to have to deal with, especially when your issue is a big one.

Plumbing fixes and repairs not only cause inconveniences to day-to-day activities and life in general, but they can also be pricey. But what if you heard that there is a way to avoid the awful traditional processes and skip to the main part (which is repairing your pipes) all while saving you money at the same time?

It is possible, regardless of how unrealistic it sounds. So you’re not wondering, “Well, how do I make this happen?”, we can explain it to you. Leave behind the old-school ways of plumbing which bring the digging of large holes and trenches, days of excavations, weeks of trying to get your property back in order, and months of recovering from the financial hole that you just fell into with paying off this plumbing project.

What is cured in place piping and what is so special about it? Thanks to the innovative technology of trenchless sewer repairs, professionals are now able to access pipes right in their current placements, eliminating the need to directly access the pipes by digging up the ground above and around them. Hence, we have cured in place treatments.

With the pipe not needing to be accessed, this eliminates the need to dig to get to them. The elimination of digging saves time by not having to dig and use heavy machinery; it saves money by not needing as many staff to do the job; and it takes less time. In fact, over less than half of the time is needed to replace the entire piping system opposed to a simple repair the traditional way.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Technique

Cured in place piping techniques are executed through the inside of the pipes. Using an epoxy coating with durability that can last over 50 years, the lining is placed inside the pipes, forming a new inner pipe within the already existing system.

What makes this process so special is that even if you were in need of just a repair, you get an entire replacement with this cured in place pipe treatment. The outcome benefits you so much more in the long run, leaving you with a brand new system throughout and not just in the damaged areas. This will prevent the need for fixes for years to come, all thanks to one process and one operation.

The professionals at Blue Works – Pipelining & Plumbing Repairs know how beneficial and special the cured in place pipe technique is. That’s why they have become experts in it to offer it to their customers in the sunny state of Florida. Blue Works wants to bring the latest technological advancements in plumbing to all potential clients, so call them today for your trenchless, cured-in-place pipe treatments.

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