What, Exactly, Is Sewer Ejector Cleaning?


Back in the old days, a home’s basement was usually a dark, scary place where the water heater, breaker panel, and air-conditioning system were located. It was also used as a spot where all the Christmas ornaments were stored for 11 months each year, along with dozens of boxes full of items you’d rarely use.

Today’s trend is to use the basement as another room in the house, and sometimes it is remodeled to such lengths that even the master bedroom pales in comparison. Just search for “man caves” on Google and you will see what we are talking about.

The problem with using the basement as a room is that it involves having to connect the plumbing to the sewer line. All that waste water from the toilet, shower and sink needs to reach the sewer pipes; however, since these pipes are located above these fixtures, this waste water must be pumped into them since it can’t reach them by gravity as it does in the rest of the house.  That is why many homes have a sewer ejector system which you must regularly maintain and clean.

What exactly is sewer ejector cleaning?

The way this system works is quite simple: all the waste is sent to a large tank, where it is collected. A special pump then sucks up the water and solids, grinds them up, and flushes them to the sewer line. If you don’t regularly clean this pump, the solids can start to build up and its functioning will be hindered.

The pipes can sometimes become clogged by anything that has been flushed down the toilet, and removing these obstructions is vital if you want to avoid having raw sewage gushing back into the house. Even worse, if the pump becomes obstructed, it could stop working and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Keeping the vents clean is also important. Sewage emits lots of gas, so if a vent is not cleaned out that gas can quickly fill up the room. And we are not talking about a gas that smells like roses, but more like rotten eggs.

A good service company’s sewer ejector cleaning service takes care of all this. They will clean the ejector pump, removing any sludge and debris, oil the motor, and inspect the float and general pump´s condition.

The pipes will also be inspected and cleaned to allow the waste to flow freely out of your home.  If a heavy rain or flooding has caused dirt or mud to fall into the tank, it is recommended to have it cleaned out before any clogs can happen.

When dealing with sewer ejector cleaning, hire a professional

Sewage is not only messy but can be dangerous to your health; it is full of bacteria which can make you sick, so if you need a sewer ejector cleaning service, contact your preferred company today. They should be professionals in sewer and septic cleaning and have been helping homeowners with their plumbing problems for over 75 years. You can be assured that they will treat your plumbing problem as if it were their own.


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