What Are the Symptoms of a Water Line Issue?


There are various causes of water line issues. At times, your water line can go bad as a result of old pipes. The water line material can also be a cause of the problem. On certain occasions, a sloppy installation can be the cause. Regardless of the cause of the water line issue, leaving it without making immediate repairs can be costly. Here, we take a look at some noticeable warning signs of water line issues.

Steady Increase or Spike in Your Water Bill

Water bills are usually uniform depending on the season. Once you notice that there is an outright spike in your domestic water usage, it is likely that you have a water line issue. Since you are not using more water than usual, the water must be going somewhere outside of your home. Try as much as possible to check out your basement, lawn, foundation, and water line at the street to detect any leak.

Darker Water from Taps

Brownish or rust-colored water coming from water taps are signs of water line issues. This can occur due to corrosion or breakdown of clay pipes. It can also occur when dirt and debris find their way into your water pipes through cracks. Once you notice that your water is not crystal clear, try checking out the water line. Brownish, rust-colored, or dirty water can cause several health hazards!

Low Water Pressure

Another sign of a water line issue is a decrease in the water pressure. When the water pressure becomes unnecessarily low, it only shows that the water is leaking somewhere. Apart from not being able to rinse your dishes, get a good flush, or rinse shampoo out of your hair, the water leaks also put your property in danger. Your foundation, lawn, basement or even the street can be affected by water flooding. Once you notice this, ensure that you take prompt actions.

Soft Spots in Your Lawn

A cracked water line can cause soft or squishy spots in your lawn. You will be losing a lot of water to your lawn through cracks and leaks, making your lawn soggy, and eventually waterlogged. This is a sign of a leaking, cracked, or busted water line that should not be overlooked.

Sound of Running Water

In case you hear sounds of running water, especially when the tap, washing machine, dishwasher, or other legitimate fixture are not in use, check out where the sound is coming from as soon as possible. This is a sign of busted pipe. If not repaired immediately, you can anticipate a full-blown water line disaster.

Got a Water Line Issue?

There you have it! The above are obvious signs of water line issues that should not be ignored. You have no reason to wait until the water line problem turns into a big issue before taking precautions. Apart from sky-rocketing your water bill, you are also putting your property in danger.

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