What Are the Most Common Problems You Find with Drain Camera Service?


When you are dealing with drains that are clogged, or pipes that are leaking, finding the source and location of the problem is not always that easy. There is a large network of pipes both inside and outside your home which brings fresh water in and carries it out after it is used. However, most of this network is either buried underneath your lawn or covered by the walls, floors and ceilings.

That is why drain video inspections are so popular nowadays. Using the latest technology, finding any issues happening in the pipes is much easier and doesn’t require digging them up.

What is a drain camera service?

A video inspection consists of inserting a tiny camera into the sewer line or drain. It is attached to a long cable, which can wiggle its way deep into the pipes. A live video feed is transmitted to an external monitor, so the technician can check out exactly what is going on inside.

This takes out any guess work and shows the source of any problems, but it also displays any issues that might have been ignored without an inspection. Cracks, loose joints, and broken pipe pieces can be seen, and their depth and location are noted to be able to plan the best way to fix them.

This method is non-invasive; the pipes can be checked out remotely without having to physically access them, which can save you a lot of money and time.

What are the most common problems you find with drain camera service?

When properly done, a drain camera service can be an excellent tool for diagnosing the condition of the pipes and finding the source of any problems. However, you should be aware of a few common tricks some unscrupulous people do when carrying out this service.

The most common one is the classic bait and switch. The primary intention of a video inspection is to see a live feed of the pipes, but sometimes you will be shown a pre-recorded feed from another home where the pipes are in awful condition, and you will then receive an expensive repair quote.

To avoid this, ask the technician to turn on the camera before it is inserted into the drain, so you can see any parts of your home and verify it is a live feed.

Another warning sign is when the plumber will not give you a copy of the video that has been recorded. You should always ask for one since it can help you if you decide to ask for a second opinion.

Stay away from plumbers who pressure you into taking immediate action about the problems that were detected. Although you might be facing an issue that needs to be fixed promptly, you should never feel obligated to hire someone on the spot.

Make sure you are dealing with a professional

AK Pipe Lining’s staff is professionally trained and experienced, and is committed to your satisfaction. Request an appointment and your drain camera service will be done in a timely matter. You will receive a quote detailing any issues that need to be dealt with, and a DVD copy of the inspection.


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