Sewer Repair Shouldn't Have To Wait Till the Cows Come Home: the Benefits of Going Trenchless


Nobody wants to have to experience the inconvenience and hassle of sewer repairs. It’s a long-involved, messy job that seems to never end and will cost you a bundle before it’s finished. Well, that’s the way it used to be. Nowadays the technology used in sewer and drain repairs is so far away from what used to be the norm, it will really change your mind about having the work done at your home or business.

Trenchless Technology

The new technology being used today to repair and replace underground sewer systems is called trenchless. There is a very good reason why it has that name. The sewer repairs and replacement conducted under trenchless technology methods are completed with very little digging involved. In fact, what used to be dig and replace plumbing is no longer the case. SPT Plumbing uses trenchless technology for all of their commercial, residential and industrial plumbing and sewer repairs.

How Is It Possible?

Sure, it sounds kind of unusual to say you can repair an underground pipe without actually seeing it or digging it up to fix. But that’s where trenchless technology makes all the difference. It starts will a camera inspection. The plumbing professionals at SPT Plumbing will dig one or two small holes in your yard. There are no trenches, just a hole or two. The holes permit access to pipe connection and that is how the camera gets inserted into the pipe.

Inspection From Inside The Pipe

The camera gives the plumbers an eye from inside the pipe and that is how they can tell what kind of repair is required. Once they diagnose the situation, options are discussed with the property owner and work begins. But nothing can be done without first being able to access the pipe connections and viewing the video feed from inside the pipe.

Quicker, Cheaper, Cleaner

Trenchless technology can result in a much faster repair than could be possible using the old dig and repair method. Plus, because there is no heavy equipment involved digging and tearing up your yard and neighborhood it is a much cleaner way to repair plumbing problems. It is also a cheaper way to have these repairs completed because of the lack of extra equipment required.

Call For More Information

So if you believe that sewer repair should have to wait til the cows come home, you really don’t understand the benefits of going trenchless. However, it is understandable that such a new, environmentally safe system could be a little hard to take in the beginning.

But once you fully grasp the wonders of this specialized repair system and the professionals who conduct this as their daily business, you will see a difference. You don’t have to pay huge repair bills when you use trenchless services and they don’t break down. These repairs will last decades. In other words, you’ll never need to repair a trenchless sewer pipe again once it is fixed. To learn more about the advantages of trenchless repairs, contact SPT Plumbing toll free at 1-855-286-6747.

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