Save Time and Money: Use Epoxy Roof Lining Today


Water is life. However, water can also be harmful to your home if it is allowed to reach places it shouldn’t. That is why it is channeled through a series of pipes and drains, which carry it away once it has been used. The same goes for all the water falling from the sky: it must be sent down the pipes so it can reach the storm sewer.

But when one of these pipes leaks, that water can soak your walls and floors, causing extensive damage. These wet spots are also an excellent breeding place for mold to grow in, which can be dangerous to your health.

Getting to these leaking pipes is not that easy, and repairing them used to involve digging them out. Not only was this an expensive process, but it also meant having to tear up your house to reach the pipes. Fortunately, there is a non-invasive method that can fix most leaks without having to go through this.

Save time and money, use epoxy roof lining today

Keeping your roof drains in top shape is vital; even more if you live in a place where rain is frequent. You want that water to go directly to the storm sewer and not leak into your home, and this can be done by patching the pipes with a method known as epoxy lining.

First of all, the drain pipes are cleaned. After all the debris is flushed out, a video inspection is prepared. A small video camera is inserted into the drain, which transmits a video feed to an external monitor. This lets the technician evaluate the pipe’s condition and pinpoint any cracks or broken pipe pieces. It also shows if the pipes can be repaired or if it is necessary to replace them.

If the pipes are in good enough condition to be fixed, the lining process can begin.

Relining your roof drains

Instead of tearing out the pipes, they can be repaired from the inside. This is done by pushing a liner covered with a special epoxy formula into the drain. Once it reaches the exact spot that needs to be repaired, the liner is inflated so that the epoxy covers all the pipe’s inner surface and left there for a few hours until it cures.

After curing, the epoxy will turn into a rock-solid piece which acts as a pipe within the pipe. Its smooth surface allows water to flow freely and is extremely durable. You can expect this liner to last well over 50 years, completely covering any cracks and broken pipe pieces. Best of all, this job can be completed in less than a day.

A final video inspection will ensure that the problem has been solved.

Leaking drains? Don’t wait!

If you are suffering from leaking roof drains in your home or business, contact American Trenchless Technology for an assessment. Small problems can quickly turn into large ones if you don’t take quick action.  

All work done to your plumbing is guaranteed, and their experienced staff is ready to further explain the process and answer any questions you may have.


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