Need Training On The Equipment We Sell? We Offer Free On Site Training


One of the best kinds of customer service comes from a business that not only sells you products, but they also ensure you know how to use them. In the case of Primeline Products you can purchase a product related to the trenchless rehabilitation industry and learn how to use it before you leave the building. They don’t just give you an owner’s manual or three step explanation on what to do, they will go to the effort to fully train you on how to use any of their products.

What makes this entire process even more impressive is that the training provided by the professionals at Primeline Products is free.

You read that correctly.

If you are new to trenchless technology or have been using them as your supplier, you can expand the services of your plumbing business with their products. Primeline can even provide you with advice on what type of trenchless technology would be a natural fit to your already established plumbing service. Even if you’ve never worked with hydro jetting or epoxy pipe lining, you can learn exactly what you need to know to use the equipment properly.

Comprehensive Free Training

Those are only two examples because at Primeline Products they have all the material you need to keep your trenchless plumbing business in business. Thinking about testing equipment? They’ve got that. Considering manhole/wetwell rehabilitation? They can help.

All the products you will need to service your clients can be ordered direct from Primeline Products. If you need training on the products they sell, that’s not a problem because they offer onsite training for free. There is no better time to expand your trenchless plumbing business to allow for commercial and municipal government contracts. Primeline Products will be able to get your business to that next level.

About Primeline Products

Primeline Products has been in business since July 1998 and are committed to high standards in integrity, excellence and performance and they practice this with both customers and vendors. What makes their service stand out is that the professionals on staff have extensive backgrounds in trenchless pipeline and concrete rehabilitation. Because they have “been there and done that” they have a kind of understanding of your needs that can only come from people who have been in the industry and continue to work in the industry.

The products sold at Primeline have passed a strict battery of tests and have been chosen specifically because of their effectiveness in accomplishing what you need the materials to do. The training methods used to teach you how to use their products has an emphasis on safety and is designed to get you the best knowledge of the materials so that you have a greater understanding of what you and your business can achieve. Doing the work correctly results in a better job.

To find out more about how you can become part of the Primeline Products family, you can reach them via email. Or if you prefer to speak to a professional on the phone you can call their toll free line at 1-877-265-2139.

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