Is The Terralift Procedure Expensive?


One of the most cost effective ways to clean and revitalize an old or clogged septic field is through a trenchless technology known as Terralift. The plumbers at Nu Flow Phoenix have been using this method for years because it works and it is not expensive. That’s because it does not require tem to tear up your lawn to get to the septic tank or field. If you are having trouble trying to picture how that exactly works, here are some details on the procedure:

How It Works

The first step Nu Flow Phoenix plumbers will take is to pump and clean your septic tank. This allows for a complete and thorough examination. This inspection will tell the plumbing experts what the condition of your septic tank and the baffles are.

The second step involves the drain field itself. The lines to the drain field are hydro jetted. In other words: pressurized water and air is sent through the lines to clean them. In several cases the hydrojet step will clean drain lines to where they can be used again.

What If That Doesn’t Work?

The Terralift procedure is the next step. This is a blast of compressed air which breaks up the soil. When this soil is hit with the compressed air is loosens compacted material which will break up the biomat layer. The biomat layer is what forms within the trenches of the drain field. The compressed air blast is followed by an injection of polystyrene beads. These beads keep pores in the line open.

Is The Terralift Procedure Expensive?

The alternative to using the Terralift procedure is excavation. This involved several pieces of heavy equipment destroying your yard and landscaping as they dig down to pull out your septic tank or drain field lines. The Terralift equipment is lightweight and can sit on the ground above your drain field without disturbing it. Plus, the Terralift procedure can be used even if your drain field is flooded or overflowing. Also, you can use your plumbing system shortly after the Terralift procedure has ended and it can be completed within a day.

How Long Does It Last?

A Terralift procedure will allow you to use your septic drain field for at least another year. After that time you can have the procedure repeated again. As long as the condition of your septic tank, baffles and drain lines remains in good shape you should be able to repeat the procedure as long as required. Ultimately, it is less costly than replacing the whole system with a new one. Remember, you must still follow the directions for regular cleaning and maintenance of your septic sewer system as you normally would.

For more information on the effectiveness of the Terralift procedure on your septic drain field and specific costs related to it, give the plumbers at Nu Flow Phoenix a call to book an appointment. You can reach them for a free estimate at 480-508-6634.

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