Hydro Jetting, Drain Inspection, and How to Keep Things Flowing in Your Home

If you want to have a healthy plumbing system in your house, keeping the drains clean is crucial. Drains that are not cleaned regularly can suffer from annoying clogs, which can stress the inside of the pipes and restrict the water flow.  However, this important task is often ignored until an obstruction happens, and getting rid of clogs is not always that easy.

First option: Chemical drain cleaners

You might be tempted to pour some Drano into the drain, hoping it will get rid of the clog. Unfortunately, most of the times you will just be wasting time and money. These cleaners can’t get rid of mineral build up, tree roots, or baby wipes and similar items which are flushed down the toilet.

Another disadvantage of chemical cleaners is that they can emit toxic fumes, and some can even damage the interior surface of your pipes.

How about a plumbing snake?

Plumbing snakes, or augers, consist of a cable with a corkscrew on one end. Once it reaches the clog, a crank is turned to rotate the snake and make it poke a hole in the obstruction.

The problem with this method is that corkscrew augers don’t completely remove the clog, which usually closes down again after a short time and the process has to be repeated. They are also useless when trying to remove tougher obstructions, such as tree roots.

How to Keep Things Flowing in Your Home

As you can see, household methods are not a good way of getting clogs removed. The best way to do this is to give us a call and have your pipes cleaned up with hydro jetting.

First of all, we will perform a drain inspection. This is done using a small video camera that sends a live feed to an external monitor. With this we will eliminate any guesswork and know exactly what is causing the obstruction. It also shows us the condition of the pipes, with cracks, loose joints and broken pieces displayed in high-resolution.

If the pipes are in good enough condition, we can then proceed with the hydro jetting. A specialized nozzle is inserted into the pipe. It snakes down into the drain and blasts the clog with a stream of hot water at ultra-high pressure. This breaks up any grease, mineral build-ups, and even tree roots, and flushes them down the drain.

Unlike other methods, hydro jetting completely removes the obstruction, leaving the pipe free of debris which could cause another clog further on.

If you have not noticed any problems with your drains, you should still have them cleaned at least once a year. Hydro jetting will clean up any sludge or debris that has started to accumulate, preventing clogs before they even form.

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