How is Nu Flow Technologies a Worldwide Leader in the Trenchless Sewer Repair Industry?


Since its startup in 1998, Nu Flow Technologies has grown leaps and bounds to become the best trenchless solution in the world. And why not? Trenchless technology has the superior edge over all the other pipe repair methods on the most important aspects.

The time-tested sewer repair methods used saves technicians and homeowners unnecessary risks, headaches, and precious time.

Safer Repair Without Trenches

For decades, plumbers had to utilize heavy digging machinery and extensive labor to dig up huge sections of land to get to the problem.

Thanks to modern tech and Nu Flow Technologies, that requirement is no longer a necessity, making trenchless the go-to repair and replacement process for sewer, water and drain lines. What’s more, this method of repair can be used on all types of buildings, from single residential homes to apartments, schools, apartment and commercial spaces. Underground utilities will be left untouched and people can go about their daily lives.

The process of trenchless sewer repair has a considerably reduced carbon footprint as compared to traditional repairs. How so? There will be less digging, which means more trees, bushes, shrubs and grasses saved and less wildlife disturbed. There are fewer energy and fuel costs because you won’t need heavy machinery. The repaired pipes are lined with the patented Nu Flow material, an excellent material that can stand the test of time.


Saves Time and Money

Homeowners and business owners dread the thought of having to call in a team of plumbing contractors to destroy their precious yard just to repair a single pipe section. When the issue is found and fixed, the technicians fill in the trench to get it back to the way it was. The whole process would take days, or even weeks of your time.

How simple is Nu Flow technologies compared to traditional methods? Really simple. All the technicians need to do to get things started is to dig 2 small access points and a few hours for the epoxy liner to harden. Your landscape, lawn, yard and garden will be left untouched during the entire process. You and your family can resume normal life while waiting for your sewer pipes to be repaired.

The Best Plumbing Solution

Nu Flow Technologies manufactures, distributes and installs green repiping alternatives via the no-dig solution. They’re the only company to manufacture their own lining material, epoxy and other specialty installation equipment. The diversity of available products make it the go-to portfolio that can cater to your every need.

The Nu Flow solution can work around bends, turns and other architectural challenges and give you a new-like pipe that’s impervious to common sewer pipe problems. Your problem is solved, and the new pipe will provide decades of use with proper maintenance.

There’s a number of trenchless solutions that cater to a specific sewer line. It’s best to talk to the experts on trenchless sewer pipe repair. For guaranteed high-quality materials and a high level of service to solve your plumbing problems, call Nu Flow Oklahoma.


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