How Does Horizontal Drilling Increase Production?


The Pipe Shark plumbing service provider offers directional drilling as one of its services in Philadelphia. It is a method by which a well is drilled at various angles. One of these angles is the horizontal drilling method.

Increased Production

Horizontal drilling is said to increase production of natural resources like gas and oil. It has also been proven to cause less damages to the environment than some other drilling variations. By using this technique, a larger amount of gas or oil can be sourced from just one well.

Although directional drilling method has been invented to be used by the natural resource industries, specifically, gas and oil, it has become a very useful method in other industries like plumbing. The Pipe Shark plumbing company is one of the companies that have adopted the use of horizontal drilling in some of their services.

Using this method reduces the chances of running into difficult and sensitive sites. This is also an ideal way of accessing gas resources without having to drill multiple wells. Because it starts with one well, the costs are lowered and soil excavations are minimized.

Benefits of Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling increases production and lowers costs in general because there is no need to dig from different locations to access the target resources. Through this method, experts can access offshore resources without leaving their current position, thus, bringing in more production.

If an oilfield is found under a commercial building or a residential house, it can be mined without demolishing the building or house by using the horizontal drilling method. An entry point can be created from a single well away from the house or building and the drill bit maneuvered underground to drill horizontally. This is another way production of gas and oil can increase without causing much damage to properties and the environment.

How Horizontal Drilling Works

The horizontal drilling method is not only used in locating gas and oil reserves but is also used in constructing pipelines.

In the gas and oil industry, the horizontal drilling method is used by experts to drill thousands of depth underground in a vertical manner before the bit is turned horizontally to continue drilling in that direction until the target reservoir of gas and oil is reached. The depth (or vertical drilling) varies depending on where the target reservoir is expected to be found.

The new drilling technologies can now drill up to 15,000 feet in depth and can reach up to 7,500 meters horizontally.

To perform the work, some of the tools that experts, like Pipe Shark, use include a laptop with a steering software installed, which will allow the operator to steer the drill bit in the direction he wanted it to go. They will also need a printer, an interface unit equipped with modem and power cables, a driller console unit with cable and a downhole steering equipment among others.

Customers who may need the service should consult experts rather than try to do the work on their own. This will ensure not only the safety of the people but also of the environment and the people who live in buildings or houses where the production zone may be located. It will also mean performing the drill works according to the standards set by the government and other concerned organizations.


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