How Do Robotics Play a Role in Pipe Lining?


Warehouses, factories, any building where commerce is being produced or shipped, put extreme stress on the plumbing system. The pipes in commercial properties undergo immense stress and make maintenance that much more important.

Not only are there scores of people using the toilets and sinks on a daily basis, but any manufacturing or material substrate also will flow down the drains. And the one pipe that funnels all the wastewater is known as the sewer line. With few exceptions, the sewer lines of commercial spaces are some of the hardest working pipes in the country.

Because of the sewer line’s all important role, any failures or blockages can mean damage and loss or revenue.

Sewer Line Damage

With so much waste and trash being forced through the drain, blockages and damage is guaranteed to happen. It could be caused from human waste, hair, grease, or even metal shavings and chemicals. Large blockages can form inside the sewer line that cause water back ups and even flooding.

The sewer line can also become cracked from heavy vehicles driving overhead, small tremors, or even heavy rains. Any damage to the sewer line will result in waste water leaking into the soil and polluting local waterways. With so much potential for catastrophe, taking care of your properties pipes is extremely important.

Repairing Sewer Lines With Robots

At first glance, the use of robotics may seem out of place in the world of plumbing. But robots provide invaluable services that make the process of repairing sewer lines easier and more cost effective. By running a small robot through the sewer line, technicians can actually see the interior of the sewer line. Using state of the art cameras, a live video stream is sent to a trained specialist controlling the robot. By using the live video stream, blockages, cracks, and problems can be spotted with ease.

Before robots, the only way to successfully check a sewer line was to completely remove it. This process was labor intensive and required excavation equipment. The entire property was turned into a construction site and even if parts of the pipe were in good working order, an entire replacement was needed. Completely excavating sewer lines is no longer mandatory and there is now technology that allows for repairs to happen without the mess.

Pipe Lining With Robots

Not only do robots play an important role in analyzing sewer lines but they are instrumental in repairing them. Instead of tearing out old pipes, pipe lining offers the perfect solution to repairing the sewer line. Using a robot, an impermeable epoxy membrane is threaded through the old sewer line.

Think about the procedure like a giant deflated balloon, once the entire liner is inside the pipe, it is inflated. Affixing to the old pipe, the pipe liner creates a brand new pipe where the old one once was. This method of sewer repair foregoes needless construction and saves time and money.

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