How Do I Know What Size Sump Pump I Need?

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For many people, purchasing replacement items for their home depends on the cost and features available, at least when it comes to those items we encounter multiple times a day such as the refrigerator or oven. But when it is time to buy a replacement sump pump, most homeowners are left wondering where to even start. When it comes to sump pumps, the overall power depends on the pump’s size.

A sump pump works behind the scenes of your home to protect the foundation against harmful leaks and moisture. Located in the basement, the sump pump isn’t difficult to maintain. It only becomes difficult once it goes bad and you must purchase a new one. That’s when you realize that you don’t know much about how a sump pump functions or performs, which are details that are useful when it’s time to buy a replacement.  

The size pump you need to buy depends on your home’s needs for the pump itself. If your home’s foundation is located below the water table, you may need a larger sump pump than those who live in drier areas. You don’t choose a sump pump based on the sizes of your home, instead you choose a pump based on the amount of work it will do. Therefore, the horsepower of the motor will help you determine which sump pump is right for your household.

Sump Pumps are Sold Based on Their Motor’s Horsepower

You can determine how powerful a sump pump is based on its horsepower. They are sold in increments out of 1-whole. The most common sizes include:

  • .5-horsepower
  • .25-horsepower
  • .33-horsepower

The .5-horsepower sump pump is powerful enough to remove 3,000 gallons of water per hour. This size is one of the most popular and it is available everywhere. It’s possible to find a sump pump that has more power than the .5-hp, most homeowners don’t have a need for that much power.

The .25-hp sump pump may be weaker than the .5-hp pump, however they are also more affordable and are a good option for homes in drier locations and families that are on a tight budget.

The .33-hp sump pump is the standard-size model. If you already had a sump pump installed in your home when you moved in, there is a good chance that it is a .33-hp.

Cole Plumbing is the Best Place to Call for Sump Pump Installation

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