How Can Trenchless Sewer Repair Save You Money?


Nobody wants to have to deal with the mess associated with sewer repairs. That’s probably why plumbers were invented! However, even they can end up leaving behind quite a mess in your home or yard after repairing a problem with your sewer lines. At Feltner Sewer they do things a little bit differently. They use what is known as trenchless technology.

What Exactly Is Trenchless Technology?

Just as the name implies, sewer and drain repairs are conducted without the need for digging a trench. What this means is that your yard, garden, driveway and landscaping will not be damaged, destroyed, scarred or otherwise dug up and messed up. The old excavation to the pipe method leaves behind a lot of damage regardless of how careful the workers are in using their giant pieces of heavy equipment. At the very least you could end up with a lawn that looks as if a series of tractors tore through it. Trenchless technology is far from that.

In fact, trenchless technology uses methods to repair and replace damaged sewer lines without digging underground and removing the pipes. The repairs can be done with an epoxy liner, which seals leaks; a cured-in-place-pipe which replaces a damaged pipe; and pipe bursting which pulls a new pipe in place while breaking up the old one. It all starts with one or two small holes to access the pipe connections to your sewer lateral. A tiny camera is inserted and a pipe inspection is conducted.

Sometimes a sewer line problem stems from a clog and with the camera the plumbers at Feltner Sewer can properly diagnose the situation without pulling up the pipe being inspected. If it is not a clog that can be blasted out with pressurized air or water, then one of the other trenchless technology options will be discussed with you before being used for the final repair.

But How Can Trenchless Sewer Repair Save You Money?

The easy answer is that Feltner Sewer leaves your yard alone. Heavy equipment rentals are expensive and hourly rates can be massive. With trenchless technology repairs can be completed within a day and without water disruption. There’s also the cost of materials with traditional sewer repairs. Trenchless technology is far less costly than new sewer pipes and the associated hardware required for the job. These factors combined save you a lot of money on a sewer repair project.

Another way in which trenchless technology saves you money comes from how long the repairs will last. Typically you will never have to repair a sewer line again as long as you own your home. In actual fact, trenchless sewer repairs can last up to 50 years or more. This also saves you money in the long run by not having to need a sewer repair again.

For more information on trenchless sewer repair costs email Feltner Sewer for details. Or if you would prefer, you can call them direct at their toll free number 1-866-335-8637.


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