Get a Sewer Camera Inspection Today and We Will Fix Your Pipe's Connection


Sewer camera inspections are the latest and most sought after tool in the plumbing industry. Now plumbers can see the insides of your sewer pipes before starting any work. We believe it’s always best to know what’s coming your way. You might not be able to predict your future, but with a sewer camera inspection, plumbers at Sewer Co. can always accurately predict your pipe’s future. Get a sewer camera inspection today and we will fix your pipe’s connection.

Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection is a complete and thorough inspection of your sewer pipes through a small, waterproof camera. Sewer cameras travel into the smallest drain pipes and can travel up to 330 feet into your sewer pipes.

The sewer camera has its own transmitter. This transmitter sends signals and video feed to a live monitor. Plumbers are able to view the insides of your sewer pipes on the monitor. The transmitter attached to the camera helps locate the device inside your sewer pipes. So that when our plumber locates a problem source on the monitor, the transmitter transmits the exact location. Our plumbers will now know where to dig. This will help us fix your pipes connection quickly, effortlessly and most importantly, accurately.

Use of sewer Camera inspection

Most homeowners book a sewer camera inspection for all of the following reasons:

Locate Drain Problems

Most times, homeowners hire plumbing companies to locate drain problems. Usually, they have exhausted all other sources of fixing their drains or sewer pipes. They’ve used drain cleaners, tried solving the problem on their own and even hired a local plumber. All in vain. They still don’t know what’s the problem. With a sewer camera inspection, that’s easy.

A complete sewer pipe check-up

Many people thinking of buying a new home also opt for sewer camera inspection. On the surface, almost all prospective homes look great. Nice spaces, new paint, and even great workmanship. But no one knows what’s underneath all this beauty. What’s hiding in the sewer pipes? A sewer camera inspection resolves the problem.

Locating Valuables

Though this doesn’t happen often, some people also hire plumbing companies to locate a lost, precious jewelry. It so happens many people are in the habit of accidentally flushing their heirloom earrings down the toilet flush. Sewer camera inspection lets you see where the jewelry is caught in the drain pipes. Regular maintenance:

Sometimes sewer camera inspections are also booked as part of regular maintenance. Over time drain and sewer pipes go through a considerable amount of wear and tear. Grease and oil build up along the sewer pipes, restricting water flow. Hair, soap and other junk get caught up in the drain pipes. Roots may start making their way into the sewer pipes through cracks and other gaps. To check all these issues, some homeowners go for regular sewer camera inspections.

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